More than a century ago, a talented young lady brought haute couture to the fashion-forward women in Carpi, Emilia-Romagna.

These dresses were sealed with an embroidery of "Gegina", the namesake of this designer and wrapped with elegant ribbon knots.
Just after the end of World War II, Gegina’s daughter inherited the business and started selling this brand of haute couture to boutiques around the area. The family’s traditional design continued through two more generations, while the brand expanded across the Europe.

Gegina's great-grandson, Davide Russo, opened his own company in 1984, incorporating the family’s tradition with his avant-garde style. Today the Gegina is becoming the turn-of-the-century Italian fashion via a combination of the most advanced materials, modern manufacturing technologies, and a strong heritage of its unique design style.
"A deeper understanding of the world and more sophisticated connections can be achieved through fashion."

-Davide Russo, Creative Director


Our designs glorify the femininity and elegance of contemporary women.

We believe this philosophy should live beyond just worn fashion and extend into the everyday life.


Gegina is inspired by a combination of the excellent philosophy of an outstanding Italian fashion designer, Mariano Fortuny, and the most advanced material technologies.

The attention to the details and the spirit of a raftsmanship can be found in every thread in a Gegina piece.

The Lace

Embodying timeless design, immaculate details, and fused with Italian heritage, this signature art form is the essential inspiration of our atelier.
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